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31 US Route 11 Brewerton New York 13036 (Central Square)

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Commited to Automotive Custmer Service in Central New York!!!

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Our Services

We provide complete mechanical service and repairs to all of the vehicles in which we specialize. This includes services such as:

     Electronic troubleshooting and repair
     Electrical repairs and modifications
     Engine diagnostics
     Complete engine repairs
     Complete brake repairs including ABS systems
     Air Conditioning service & repair
     Full-line suspension and steering service
     Routine factory recommended services
     Clutch system repairs
     Front end/ four wheel alignment
     Driveline services



Check out for Purchase

Everyone wants to get a great car at a bargain price. But a cheap price on a car may mean you are buying expensive repairs you don’t know about yet – and that is no bargain.

At Cruizer's, we will perform the following checks in our Check out for purchase:

    Visual Examination - Open all doors including the hood and trunk. Check for rust, weld marks, or a bent frame. Examine the muffler, tail pipe and exhaust pipe. Under The Hood - Check fluids. Examine hoses and belts for wear.

    Electrical System - Start the engine and check all accessories such as gauges, radio, wipers, etc. one at a time. Check the horn and all lights.

    Air Conditioning - Does the system blow cool air quickly? Is it low on refigerant? Is the compressor noisier than is normal, indicating a possible failing compressor?

    Engine - Does it idle smoothly? Is its highway performance OK? Are there any unusual noises?

    Drive Train - During road test check smoothness of shifting or unusual noises.

    Suspension - Push down on the car's corners, front and back. If it continues to bounce more than one and a half times the shocks may be worn. View the car from a distance; an unlevel car may indicate weak suspension.

    Steering - On a straight, level stretch be sure the steering wheel pulls neither to the left nor right. When rounding a corner it should return straight ahead smoothly.

    Tires - Examine tread and general condition. On the road test, listen for thumping or whining of faulty tires.

    Brakes - Driving between 30-40 mph, with no one behind you, apply the brakes. If they pull in either direction, there's a problem. Apply slight pressure on the brake pedal at a speed of about 5 mph; check for an intermittent surge indicating drums or rotors that may be out of round.

    Odometer - Simply because a car has high mileage doesn't mean you shouldn’t consider it. It may be in better condition than one with fewer miles. Owner's manuals emphasize that low mileage cars which have been victims of "stop and go driving" (several trips in one day of 10 miles or less) may fall into the "severe service" category. Not only is this type of driving tough on a vehicle, it requires special servicing the owner may have overlooked.

    Service Records - Ask for service records. Many private owners proudly display their maintenance history books as a selling point. A new car dealer may provide this information if the vehicle originally was purchased and serviced there.

When you've narrowed the field and made your final choice, invest in a comprehensive inspection by a qualified technician.

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