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Vehicle Maintenance

First, every car requires some degree of maintenance. People who neglect to do the simple things to maintain their vehicles end up paying for this neglect.

So what maintenance can be done by the owner and what needs to be done by a qualified automotive repair center such as Cornerstone Automotive?

Below is a listing of typical maintenance for almost all cars

if you should bring it to an auto center such as ours, and,
if it is something the individual owner can easily do.

On a weekly basis:

    Check the engine oil level
    Check the engine coolant level
    Check the windshield wiper fluid level
    Check the tires and tire pressures (including spare)

Every 3 months or 3000 miles change oil, filter, lube and top off all fluids:

    Check the windshield wiper blades
       Check the power steering fluid level
       Check the automatic transmission fluid level
       Change the entire oil and oil filter

Every 6 months or 7500 miles, whichever comes first:

      Check and service the battery
       Check and adjust, if needed, the engine drive belts
       Inspect and replace, if needed, hoses
        Check the cooling system
       Rotate the tires

Every 12 months or 15,000 miles, whichever comes first:

      Inspect the brake system
       For manual transmissions, transaxle lubricant level
        Replace air filter

Every 24 months or 30,000 miles, whichever comes first:

     Replace spark plugs
     Check and replace spark plug wires, distributor cap and  rotor, if needed.
     Check and replace PCV valve, if needed
      Check and adjust engine idle speed, if needed
     Check and adjust ignition timing, if needed
    Service the cooling system (drain, flush & refill radiator)
     Replace the existing brake fluid
     Check suspension, steering components, drive axle boots
     Change automatic transmission fluid
     Change manual transaxle lubricant
     Exhaust system check
     Fuel system check
     Replace fuel filter
     Examine and replace timing belt, if needed

The cost for doing the majority of the items is minor; the cost for not doing them can be significant.

You may remember the oil filter commercial:

    A car is parked in front of the service bay, the hood is up, the engine is smoking and a mechanic is leaning on the fender, looking at the engine and shaking his head.

    He says, “I told him he needed to change his oil, but he didn’t want to spend the money.” He looks at a new oil filter he is holding then back to the smoking engine, shrugs and says, “You can pay me now or... you can pay me later.”

At Cruizer's Sales & Service , our goal is to make sure this never happens to you and your Vehicle.

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